Financial services & financing projects

  • credit agreements and loans
  • financing of assets
  • financing by means of corporate bonds
  • structuring of transactions, securing the financing
  • legal audits of companies and assets
  • financial restructuring

Capital market

  • issues of shares, GPW, NC
  • issues of bonds, Catalyst
  • buy-outs
  • defence strategies
  • investment agreements
  • merging, dividing and transforming
  • legal audits of companies

Private investors

  • investment agreements
  • start-ups
  • joint ventures
  • succession
  • merging, dividing and transforming
  • legal audits of companies
  • securing the property

Energetics and renewable sources of energy

  • waste management
  • treatment of waste
  • sale and distribution of fuels
  • public procurement
  • trading with companies from renewable sources of energy sector
  • investments in renewable energy

Retail and business-to-consumer

  • distribution agreements
  • franchising, licensing
  • e-commerce and on-line services
  • electronic services
  • purchase agreements
  • disputes between consumers and traders
  • disputes with market regulators
  • food sales
  • personal data
  • intellectual property
  • protection of reputation, brands, patents and design rights, copyrights or similar rights

Industrial production

  • purchase agreements
  • distribution and implementation
  • cooperation agreements
  • human resources
  • green field investments
  • know-how and business secrets protection
  • patent and design rights protection
  • competition law
  • trade and distribution agreements

Infrastructure and construction

  • Zoning, Local Spatial Development Plan
  • planning permissions, town planning and environmental consents
  • general contracting
  • subcontractor agreements
  • consortia
  • property commercialization
  • claims enforcement

Telecommunication & IT

  • audiovisual operators
  • sell the copyrights & licensing agreements
  • production and implementation of software
  • e-commerce

Public Sector

  • municipal companies
  • public procurement
  • representation of territorial self-government unit before the State Treasury
  • protection of territorial self-government unit’s property interests

Banking law and finance law

Weremczuk Bobeł & Partners provides a package of comprehensive legal services for business Clients, ensuring support in all areas of Clients’ operations. Depending on the complexity and Client’s specific demands, legal service is performed by an individual specialist or by a project team.

Network of corresponding law offices covering all continents, enables us to handle effectively cross-border transactions. At the same time, we are in position to support our Clients with knowledge and know-how of ‘off counsels’ and cooperating business partners, including tax advisory firms, business consulting firms and auditors.

We are presenting on our web site an overview of standard areas in which we are providing services. However, the list is not exhaustive, as we also handled project which cannot be classified in a standard way. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in legal support in the areas which are not listed on our website.

Corporate advice to companies

  • setting up of companies, preparation of required documentation and representation of Clients before registry courts
  • preparation of internal corporate documentation required for companies’ operation
  • preparation and amendment of statutory documentation
  • day-to-day advice on operations of corporate bodies
  • legal support related to meetings of shareholders or supervisory boards
  • agreements and documents related to management staff of a company
  • transformation of companies, liquidation of companies


  • assistance in choosing most beneficial legal structure for transaction
  • preparing of due diligence, including a report and recommendations
  • preparation and negotiation of share/stock purchase agreements
  • preparation accompanying documentation
  • support in negotiations with employees and trade unions
  • representation of the Client in court and administrative proceeding related to merger or acquisition of a company
  • post-transaction support

Employment law

  • preparation and verification of employment contracts, employment regulations, remuneration regulations
  • preparation and negotiation of management contacts
  • legal support related to conclusion and termination of employment contracts
  • legal support related to relationship with trade unions
  • representation of Clients in labor law trials
  • leasing of employees
  • legal issues related of employment of foreigners in Poland

Public procurement law

  • preparation for an ordering party of a documentation related to bidding procedure for goods and services
  • representation of contractors in public procurement proceedings
  • preparation of remedies (appeals) and representation of Clients before National Appeal Chamber and the courts
  • advise for bidders taking part jointly in public procurement proceeding (consortium)

Representation of Clients in courts

  • preparation of lawsuits and other court letters
  • negotiations with debtors on repayment of receivables
  • representation of Clients in enforcement proceedings
  • advising on insolvency law and representation of Clients during insolvency proceedings
  • support for Clients with respect to court trials outside Poland (in cooperation with corresponding law offices grouped in CICERO LEAGUE and LEXICOM)

Construction law, real property law and investments

  • preparation, analysis and legal support in negotiations on construction agreements (including FIDIC standard)
  • preparation and negotiation of real property acquisition contracts (including preliminary contracts)
  • preparation of audits and reports on the legal status of real properties
  • preparing and negotiating on behalf of a Client of contracts related to space renting in office and trade centers
  • preparation and negotiation of contacts with general constructor, architects, engineers and with final purchasers of real estates
  • representation of Clients in administrative procedures related to obtaining decisions on construction conditions and building permits
  • advise on zone planning issues

Capital markets

  • preparation of documentation related to admitting of stocks into public trading
  • preparation of documentation concerning increase of share capital through public offer as well as private placement
  • preparation of legal parts of prospectus, preparation of documents related to acquisition of stocks
  • preparation of stock option plans
  • day-to-day advisory for companies listed on Warsaw stock exchange

Administrative law

  • providing legal services in the scope of administrative law for the benefit of local municipalities
  • representing Clients in administrative courts

Intellectual property law

  • preparation and negotiation support with respect to agreements on transfer of intellectual property rights and license agreements
  • legal audits concerning risk of infringement of intellectual property rights of third persons in case of introduction of a new product to the market
  • representing Clients in copyrights court trials
  • protection of Clients against illegal infringement of intellectual property rights by third parties
  • day-to-day advise on trademarks and designs registered with Patent Office, enforcement of intellectual property rights

Environmental law and waste management

  • advise on risk management related to liability for breach of environmental law
  • regulatory advise on waste management issues, in particular electronic equipment
  • preparation of agreements with recycling plants, occupier of electronic waste
  • assistance in obtaining administrative permissions in respect of conducting business activity in the waste management sector

Tax law

  • tax analysis of commercial transactions
  • advice on legal persons income tax
  • advice on natural persons income tax, property tax, civil transactions tax
  • analysis of disputable tax issues, preparation of motions to tax authorities for issuance of binding tax interpretations
  • representation of Clients against tax authorities